Behind the Scenes with Pure Sunfarms

Behind the Scenes with Pure Sunfarms

For the month of April, we’re featuring Pure Sunfarms products at Nova Cannabis stores. Until April 30, all products from the Pure Sunfarms line are 20% off. That includes not only their high-quality signature flower strains like Pink Kush and White Rhino, but 510 vape cartridges, pre-rolls and vegan, gluten-free edibles too. Pure Sunfarms even produces a CBD oil from their Pure Sun CBD (aka Cannatonic) strain!  

Here, we’ll learn more about the brand behind the flower, from Pure Sunfarms’ history to the legacy of BC-grown cannabis to their innovative drying and curing process. 


Who is Pure Sunfarms? Briefly, tell us about your history and the challenges and triumphs that you encountered along the way, from concept to first cannabis crop to today.  

From a pure love of plants, we are BC cannabis grown with care. Pure Sunfarms was launched in 2017 by a team of skilled growers with decades of experience in North America. A former home to tomatoes, our 1.1 million square foot greenhouse was established 25 years ago on one of the sunniest sites in the Fraser Valley.  


I understand Pure Sunfarms farmed produce like tomatoes before cultivating cannabis? How has this experienced contributed to cannabis cultivation? Have there been any surprising differences?  

Our parent company, Village Farms, grew (and continues to grow) some of the most well-known tomatoes in the province. In 2017, one of the tomato greenhouses was converted to cannabis utilizing state-of-the art technology, modified specifically for cannabis cultivation. This conversion took place through collaboration with greenhouse experts and growers with a rich experience in legacy cultivation.  

Our head grower, Rob Baldwin, has been managing our site since 2007. He knows every square inch of the facility and oversaw its conversion from tomatoes to cannabis. He says that if you can grow tomatoes, you can grow almost anything. 

One key difference between tomatoes and cannabis is that tomatoes grow easily in large, open-concept spaces. Cannabis requires smaller, specialized grow (flower) rooms, which had to be built within the existing structure.  

Since we’ve been working on this site for decades, we have years of climate data specific to our very site. It allows us to know not only what’s happening on the inside but what’s happening outside, allowing us to predict and control our growing environment with care and precision. 


How does Pure Sunfarms’ determine what strains they’ll grow? 

Most importantly, we look for cultivars that thrive within our greenhouse environment. We seek flower that offers unique aromas, flavours, and potencies. Our grow team is constantly trialling new strains – we can’t wait to show you what the team has come up with! 


What does it mean to be BC grown? Describe the legacy and values of BC cannabis and how this affects Pure Sunfarms cannabis products?  

We are proud and honoured to be growing BC cannabis, helping to write the next chapters in its incredible history. The legacy growers built the foundation of the industry, and today our single-minded focus is to grow the best BC bud we can. We’ve introduced growers from the legacy market, and it was important to have them involved in designing the greenhouse and in growing the plants. This combined expertise is the new way of growing cannabis in BC. 


Tell us about what sets Pure Sunfarms’ cultivation techniques apart? What type of soil do you use?  

We grow our plants in a soilless medium called coir, or shredded coconut husk. It allows us to feed our plants hydroponically, giving them the exact amount of water and nutrients that the plants need at each stage of their life cycle.  


 What kind of light do you grow your plants with?  

We grow our plants with BC sunlight, using supplemental lights only when needed. 


What is your trimming process? 

Currently we machine trim and hand groom. We use a machine that was custom-made for cannabis, gently removing the excess foliage while maintaining the integrity of the bud. 


What is your drying/curing process? 

We are currently using an innovative process called shag drying, which keeps a small amount of foliage around the bud as its drying and curing in our temperature and humidity-controlled rooms, custom built to our specifications. This allows the flower to maintain its natural contours while preserving the fragile trichomes – which contain the cannabinoids and terpenes – the potency, flavours, and essence of the bud. 


What strains or terpene profiles are used in Pure Sunfarms’ edibles?  

Our gummies don’t feature a specific strain, but feature THC or CBD distillate blended with natural, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients. The flavour from our edibles comes from real fruit puree, inspired by BC fruits, sourced locally when in season. 


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