ChowieWowie Presents: Beginner’s Guide to Edibles

ChowieWowie Presents: Beginner’s Guide to Edibles

Edibles can be a versatile, fun, great-tasting and smoke-free cannabis consumption alternative. But choosing the type of edible that’s right for you – and the THC or CBD amount – can be a daunting task, especially since new products are consistently introduced to the Canadian market. Gummies and chocolates are perennial favorites, but there are also ready-to-drink infused beverages, tea, and even THC powder, which can turn anything into an edible as potent or as mild as you like it.

Talk to your Nova Cannabis Customer Experience Representative to find your flavour, or browse your nearest Nova’s Leafly Menu to see what sort of edible options are available to you.


Meet Chowie Wowie! From flavours to formats and everything in between, Chowie Wowie is committed to providing an enjoyable and reliable edibles experience, while educating and having some fun along the way.

New to edibles? We got you.

Q: Where can I buy edibles?

A: Edibles can be purchased at legal provincially owned or independent retailers near you, in store or online.  Edible cannabis products contribute to your purchase and possession limits just like dried cannabis does.  The cannabis equivalency for edibles differs across different brands and potencies, so make sure to check your cannabis equivalences to stay under the 30g limit. Chowie Wowie milk and dark chocolate edibles are equivalent to one gram of dried cannabis, and Chowie Wowie gummies (coming soon!) are equivalent to 0.7 grams of dried cannabis.  Edibles can legally have up to 10mg of THC per package with no limits to CBD content.  Chowie Wowie’s edibles come in THC only, CBD only, and balanced THC/CBD products for a range of (deliciously consistent) edibles experiences.

Q: How much should I take?

A: The Government of Canada recommends starting with small amounts of THC, like 2.5mg or less.  While you may be tempted to grab another tasty edible soon after your first, be cautioned - edibles can take up to two hours to feel the initial effects.  Wait up to four hours to feel the effects and twelve hours for the effects to subside.  Don’t feel tempted to take too much – you can always take more but you can’t take less!  As they say, start low and go slow. Chowie Wowie’s balanced THC/CBD milk chocolate is perfect to start low and learn how your body responds to THC/CBD products. If CBD is more your speed, check out Chowie Wowie CBD dark chocolate – the newest addition to the family!

Q: How do I store edibles?

A: If there are leftovers, let’s talk about storage.  If your Chowie Wowie creamy milk chocolate seems appetizing to you, a child or young person may be enticed too.  In order to keep your edibles out of the hands of youth under the age of legal consumption, you may want to consider buying a lock or a locked box in which to store your edibles.  Even if you don’t have any minors living with you, the edibles should be kept away from any furry friends as well. 

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