Getting to Know Truss Beverages

Getting to Know Truss Beverages

For the month of November, all products from Truss Beverages are on sale for 20% off at select Alberta Nova Cannabis locations. We had the opportunity to speak to Chaman of Truss Beverages to catch a behind-the-scenes to learn more.


Nova: Tell us a little bit about Truss Beverage’s history.

Truss: Truss Beverage Co. is an entirely new kind of beverage company and we’re crafting a new space at the intersection of the beverage world and cannabis frontier.  We specialize in crafting unique and flavourful cannabis beverages. Our ambition is to create a new category of responsible, world-class beverages that reach a wide range of consumers and occasions. We are dedicated to creating a whole new world of drinks as diverse as the population that will enjoy them. 

We are a joint venture between Molson Coors Canada and HEXO - born in 2018. This has allowed us to come to market with all the consistency and high standards of the beverage industry, plus the quality control and experience of an established cannabis brand.

The Truss portfolio offers a range of products, from CBD only, 1:1 and THC beverages.  We officially began to roll out this past August and consists of five brands: House of Terpenes, Little Victory, Mollo, Veryvell and XMG.


Nova: What value do beverages bring to the cannabis space?

Truss: We see cannabis beverages as an entirely new beverage category for people of legal age to explore – not just a new cannabis category.

The introduction of cannabis beverages has created an opportunity for adult consumers seeking new beverage options. With over 140 billion beverage occasions for people to enjoy, we saw an opportunity to create a wide portfolio of products that address different beverage consumption occasions, from moments of personal relaxation to celebrating with friends.

Our top priority is the consumer experience, and the existing Truss portfolio has been developed with consumers, including co-creation, community input, and testing. Before developing any products, we conducted focus groups to pinpoint different occasions for consumers. By understanding those occasions, we’ve been able to develop a portfolio to fit the needs of those different consumers.


Nova: How do beverages differ from chocolate/candy edibles?

Truss: Beverages are familiar and can integrate seamlessly into the lives of adult consumers because they understand how and when to consume them. They fit within a range of occasions and offer a variety of flavours to suit individual taste preferences.

When it comes to the cannabis experience, consistency is important. Cannabis beverages offer a controlled dosage, which we believe results in a more consistent consumer experience.


Nova: How are cannabis-infused beverages developed?

Truss: Our cannabis goes through over 100 quality tests before it hits the beverage facility in Belleville, as we believe that responsible consumption begins at the source of the cannabis. During every step of the product development journey, our world class QA team conduct tests to ensure each beverage is great tasting and consistent to fulfill our commitment to consumers and continuing to innovate as we build.


Nova: Can you hint at any new and exciting projects in the works?

Truss: We are consumer first, so we are listening to feedback in real time and are always looking to optimize our products.  To stay at the forefront of innovation, we are committed to a robust pipeline of products that are informed by the consumer, to meet their evolving tastes and needs.  Watch this space!


Nova: What does the future of cannabis beverages look like?

Truss: A recent Truss Beverage study showed that 71% of Canadians of legal age cited smoking as the primary barrier to consuming cannabis.  

Consumers are still discovering cannabis beverages and where to buy them.  As the Canadian cannabis market continues to evolve in the next few years, we expect both the consumer demand and various beverage offerings to increase substantially. The introduction of cannabis beverages was welcomed not only due to familiarity but because consumers were also looking for alternative beverage options, as well as alternative ways to consume cannabis.

We believe we’re at the forefront of something remarkable and changing what adult beverages mean to Canadians.


Nova: What beverage is the house favourite, and why? What occasion does it call for?

Truss: That’s a tough one.   We love all our beverages, so it really does depend on the occasion.  For a pre-dinner beverage, a House of Terpenes Limonene and Sparkling tonic is a great addition to add some citrusy flavour with a twist of botanically sourced terpenes.  For those occasions with friends a Little Victory sparkling or Mollo would be the front runners for Truss.  

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