Happy 710 Oil and Dab Day!

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Happy 710 Oil and Dab Day!

Did you know... 710 upside down spells OIL! We're celebrating 710 Oil and Dab Day by focusing on cannabis oils in our stores! If you're new to cannabis oils, you might be surprised by the diversity and versatility this format offers. From capsules to oral sprays to dabbable concentrated oils, there's something for every type of canna-curious consumer. Which type are you? 

The King/Queen of Convenience

10mg Capsules

You love the classic cannabis experience provided by your favorite strain, but you also love the "no muss, no fuss" approach. You appreciate the cannabis oil capsule's convenience. It's discreet, smoke free and scent free so you don't have to waste your valuable session worrying about offending your neighbours or burning your throat. Best of all, you love that cannabis oil capsules give you bang for your buck. The onset is slower, but the experience is longer-lasting. And with 10mg of THC per capsule, the dosage is consistent. Every time. 

The "Good Things Come in Small Packages"

Micro-dose 2.5mg Capsules

You know that a little goes a long way. Moderation is your M.O. You're after just a taste of the myriad of benefits that come with the cannabis experience. With 2.5mg of THC (or CBD) per capsule, you can wade into the waters as a novice consumer or enjoy a mild, subtle session no matter your experience level. All the benefits, none of the buzz. They're perfect for starting low and going slow. 

The Scientist


You value precision above all things. You employ a scientific method of trial and error to determine what cannabis experience is right for you. You love the cannabis oil dropper delivery method because you can hone in on precise, customized dosages. And, with sublingual application, the onset may be a little faster than your standard oil capsule. Which means less time to wait before recording your results in that cannabis log we know you're keeping!

The "Just a Spritz"

Oral Sprays

Maybe swallowing oil capsules isn't your jam. Perhaps you're not keen on dropping cannabis-flavoured oil under your tongue. Cannabis oil oral sprays provide a convenient and consistent alternative. You're always on the go, and sometimes you want just a quick spritz to elevate your experience, wherever and whenever you are. Bonus: Cannabis oil sprays are often flavorless, or minty fresh! Just a quick spray and you're on your way!

The Mindful Mama/Papa


Rest. Relieve. CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that's all the rage among consumers that want to prioritize their mindfulness and well being, but don't want any impairment in their cannabis consumption experience. It's available in a variety of delivery formats, making it simple and convenient for the Mindful Mama to infuse a little mind-body balance into a hectic schedule. If you want to get really wild, try an oil with balanced ratios of CBD and THC. 

The Dabber (AB ONLY)

Rosin, Shatter and Badder (Oh My!)

You're an experienced cannabis consumer and you love infusing a little bit of experimentation and innovation into your cannabis experience. That's where concentrates like Rosin, Shatter and Badder come in. With concentrates like these, you're left with just the oils, no plant matter, resulting in a more potent or "concentrated" experience. Fire up your dab rig or your concentrates vape pen and enjoy a strong, flavourful experience. Whether you choose rosin (finished, cured bud that's been heat-pressed to a thick, sap-like consistency in golden brown), shatter (a glass-looking concentrate that's both potent and easy to handle), or badder (a sticky, malleable consistency that will remind you of cake frosting), you find pleasure in the process and you savour the experience. 

Stop by a Nova location near you and celebrate 710 Oil and Dab Day with us!

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