Let's Grow Together: Choosing Your Seeds

Let's Grow Together: Choosing Your Seeds

So you’ve decided to grow your own cannabis plants but aren’t sure where to start. Cultivating your own cannabis gives you the opportunity to learn as you grow!  

Will you be growing indoors or outside?  

What sort of equipment will you be using? Will your grow be under natural or artificial light? 

The answers to these questions may determine what type of seeds you decide to purchase. Auto-flowering? Feminized? Strain name? Indica or sativa? Don’t worry, it’s not as overwhelming as it seems. Cannabis plants grow like… well, weeds. To get the most out of your cultivation experience, a little detail can go a long way.  

Auto-flowering seeds 

Auto-flowering seeds are a great option for the beginner cannabis cultivator. They’re also a preferred option for indoor growing, producing smaller and more compact plants. What makes auto-flowering seeds special is their ability to produce buds when they’re old enough, without the change in light that activates flowering periods of non auto-flowering seeds. They also have a short grow period, meaning there’s less time to wait until harvest. Plants grown from auto-flowering seeds may start to flower in only 2-4 weeks, and could be ready to harvest in less than 10 weeks! 

Auto-flowering seeds available at Nova Cannabis include:  

  • Next Generation Afghani Kush, by Parkland Flower 
  • Next Generation Blueberry, by Parkland Flower 
  • Northern Lights, by Parkland Flower 

Feminized seeds 

Cannabis plants can be male or female. Many growers prefer to sow feminized seeds, as it’s the female cannabis plants that produce resinous buds. Selecting seeds that have been feminized takes away some of the guesswork and the anticipation in waiting to discover if your growing plants are male or female. Did you know: The resin on the cannabis flower is designed to capture pollen spores from male plants, which is critical for the plant’s reproduction.  

Photo-period seeds 

Most cannabis plants have a vegetative growth period, followed by a flowering period (the fun part). The transition between these stages is activated by a change in light. Shorter daily light cycles tell the plant the days are getting shorter, the seasons are changing and it’s time to start producing flower While there’s an extra level of “difficulty,” there’s also something satisfying about getting to know your plants well enough to know when to switch gears and encourage their flowering development.  

For the beginner cultivator with minimal equipment and a small indoor space, we recommend auto-flower seeds. Growing outdoors? Auto-flowering seeds are a great option for your backyard grow too! For the practiced cultivator with an indoor grow-room complete with artificial light that wants to get up close and personal with the plant, have fun with photo-period seeds. Experimentation is recommended.  

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll talk setup, soil, and the equipment you’ll need to optimize your cannabis seeds’ potential.  

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