Getting to Know Spinach and Cove

Getting to Know Spinach and Cove

For the month of August, all cannabis products from Cove and Spinach brands are on sale for 20% off at Alberta Nova Cannabis locations. Both Cove and Spinach cannabis brands are created and powered by The Cronos Group. We had the opportunity to speak to Gordon Hagen, Cronos Group's Director of Product Development, to catch a behind-the-scenes look at Cronos Group's brand stories and learn more about how to find the right product for you.

Meet Gordon Hagen of The Cronos Group

Hagen studied Molecular Biology and Organic Chemistry before starting at Cronos in 2017, where he primarily led extraction and product development. 

NOVA: Why do you do what you do at Cronos Group? 

HAGEN: I lead the product development team at Cronos Group and am focused on Cannabis 2.0 products such as concentrates, edibles, topicals, etc. for all of our brands. My team works closely with many groups across the organization to oversee the life cycle of all our products from beginning to end. It's a really rewarding role, especially when our products perform well in market and are enjoyed by our customers. 

NOVA: What is something that has been surprising about your experience in Canada's legal recreational cannabis industry? 

HAGEN: I am always inspired by how passionate the cannabis industry is about product quality and innovation. It's very humbling to see the focus and attention that is placed on product development, especially as we explore the possibilities with 2.0 products that will change the landscape and growth potential of the industry. 

NOVA: How do you unwind in your free time? 

HAGEN: I'm a musician and enjoy playing lead guitar with my band, Villains Forever. 

About The Cronos Group

NOVA: The Cronos Group is an innovative global 'cannabinoid' company vs 'cannabis' company. What is the difference? 

HAGEN: Cronos Group is focused on creating best-in-class cannabinoid products, whether they are derived from cannabis plants or a bio-synthetic source. While we believe there are opportunities for growth across many verticals in the cannabis industry, we describe ourselves as an innovative global cannabinoid company because we know that fermented cannabinoids will deliver more consistent products. In order to develop trusted cannabis brands that resonate with consumers, it is crucial that we deliver the same experience each time a consumer interacts with our products. By leveraging rare cannabinoids to provide differentiated offerings to consumers, we believe we can become industry leaders in the cannabinoid space. 

Our focus on cannabinoids also means that we are prioritizing areas where we see long-term sustainable value such as research and development, and marketing innovative branded products while partnering with experts in other verticals. This focused approach is proven successful in other analogous industries, such as consumer packaged goods and pharmaceuticals, and we think we can accomplish the same success in the cannabis industry as well. 

NOVA: Why Spinach? Where did the name come from? 

HAGEN: Kids don't like Spinach. Our Spinach brand was named responsibly to avoid being attractive to children. Adults, on the other hand, know that this is a different kind of Spinach... Spinach cannabis. The Spinach brand has a funky, playful tone that is rooted in contemporary cannabis culture. Spinach cannabis has a lineup of legendary strains for consumers to choose from in a variety of formats - dried flower, pre-roll, and 510 vape cartridges. So whatever format our consumers prefer, Spinach is there to be a part of the fun times that fortify their friendships. Our Spinach strains are here for the friends and here for the fun. Because the more fun you have, the stronger the bonds of friendship get. 

NOVA: What's your favourite Spinach strain and why? 

HAGEN: I really enjoy Dancehall. It is the best-balanced cultivar on the market hands down and is fantastic for relaxing or getting into a creative mindset, which I especially enjoy as a musician. 

NOVA: What occasions might call for COVE vs Spinach?

HAGEN: With our COVE brand we welcome consumers to their place in the COVE. We create expertly crafted products to deliver a premium and flavour focused experience in a variety of formats – dried flower, pre-rolls, 510 vape cartridges, and tincture oils, all made for your place in the COVE – a place where you can take some time for yourself, and fully experience any moment.

NOVA: What’s your favorite COVE strain and why?

HAGEN: My personal favourite is COVE’s CBD Oil. It is a strain-specific full spectrum oil that really delivers and is perfect for everyday use.

NOVA: Can you give us any hints about new product innovations that are in the works? What are you excited about?

HAGEN: I can’t share too many details right now, but we do have some exciting plans for the end of this year and 2021, so stay tuned for more information on our website and social channels! What I can share is that we are currently working closely with the product development team at Lord Jones (our CBD brand in the U.S.) to integrate our learnings and research on product formats and customers in both countries. We’re really excited about this knowledge transfer between both our teams, and we’re confident it will lead to more opportunities for product innovation in both the U.S. and Canada.  

NOVA: What’s the best way to shop cannabis? Indica vs Sativa? Or by terpenes?

HAGEN: I would recommend safely trying a variety of different products (in lower doses, especially if you’re new to cannabis). Shopping for cannabis is a very personal experience because everyone responds to cannabis and cannabinoids differently, so it can take some time to find what works and feels best for you.

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