Nova Cannabis Book Club: Recommended Pairings

Nova Cannabis Book Club: Recommended Pairings

Pair your next cannabis session with the perfect book for an elevated socially distanced experience. We've got you covered with book recommendations to match your favorite strains in our new Nova Cannabis Book Club series. 

1. San Rafael Pink Kush + The Last Song of Dusk

For our first recommended pairing, we're talking about the crowd-favorite San Rafael '71 Pink Kush. Its sweet vanilla and candy perfumes, silky earthiness and potency are best complimented with a book that matches in sensory complexity. 

Try something rich in earthly delights, vibrancy and flavour. We're partial to The Last Song of Dusk by Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi. It's lush and lyrical in dazzling technicolor. Or try the Weetzie Bat series by Francesca Lia Block, set in a dream-like LA amidst a glamorous pink smog. 

3. Aurora Blue Dream + The Dharma Bums

This time around, we're looking for a literary experience to compliment Aurora's Blue Dream. This West Coast sativa smells of sweet berries and sugary serenity. Think summer and seascapes. To invigorate the mind and relax the body, Blue Dream is best served with something idealistic, oceanic or expansively philosophical. 

For a complete dreamy experience, pair with Jack Kerouac's '60s counter-cultural, Zen-influenced, transcendence-seeking classic: The Dharma Bums. Or tap into "the Soul of the World" with Paulo Coelho's famous allegorical novel, The Alchemist. 

3. Hexo Tsunami + Life of Pi

Hexo's Tsunami strain boasts a high THC potency potential, a heavy dusting of trichomes, and dense buds smelling of citrus. It's a great strain for those wanting to be swept away by a powerful experience. and what better way to complement your Tsunami session than by pairing it with a sweeping literary epic? Ride the wave that Tsunami provides and allow yourself to be buoyed to a dreamy euphoria by a story that matches this strain's experiential intensity. 

We recommend Life of Pi, a Canadian Classic by Yann Martel which follows "Pi" Patel's struggle to survive while stranded on a lifeboat in the Pacific Ocean... with a tiger. Or, in keeping with an oceanic theme, join Odysseus' long voyage across troubled waters in Homer's Odyssey, where Odysseus' return home from the Trojan War is thwarted by an angry Poseidon while his wife Penelope is left to fend off rowdy suitors on the home front. If you'd like a fresh take on this familiar epic, try The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood. 

We want to hear about your bookish cannabis sessions! What are your favorite combos?  

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