Nova Store HIGHlight - Glenmore Landing

Nova Store HIGHlight - Glenmore Landing

Get to know your neighbourhood Nova with our Store HIGHlight series! With over 30 locations across Alberta, and our Queen Street West location in Toronto, no two Nova's are exactly the same. Our stores are not just made up of the teams that operate them, but of the communities in which they operate and the customers that choose to shop with us. Next up, we're featuring our Glenmore Landing store in Calgary!

What is interesting about the neighborhood your store is located?

NC Glenmore Landing: Glenmore Landing is fascinating because we’re located right in the middle of four intersecting communities, and we're incredibly fortunate to be located near Tsui Tina nation. There are so many diverse guests who come through our door, from seniors to 18-year-olds, but we're most happy to be known as the CBD hookup for the neighbouring senior resident facilities!

What type of products are most popular?

NC Glenmore Landing: Ounces, ounces, ounces! Also, CBD products and Redecan Pre-Rolls.

What makes the team at your store unique?

NC Glenmore Landing: Our team is unique because we are a group of young cannabis enthusiasts who care about cannabis like we are from the '70s. Rebekah, our merchandizing extraordinaire, paired with Cole, our concentrates connoisseur, are an unstoppable team!

Most memorable team moment?

NC Glenmore Landing: When Rebekah and Cole joined the team, we all seemed to feel the same way about the current cannabis industry in that we are all excited about how far we come but even more excited to see how much further we can go.

What strain best represents your store?

NC Glenmore Landing: FIRE OG – because our prices are so fire

What music playlist(s) do you normally have playing in your store?

NC Glenmore Landing: Easy listening – very chill house music.

What is the best neighborhood pizza place?

NC Glenmore Landing: Easily Involtini. They make the best pizza hands down.

Shoutout your neighbors!

NC Glenmore Landing: Talk to Oren at 1600, one of the greatest bars in Calgary purely for their unbelievable tap selection. Ethan at Running Room is not only one of the nicest gentlemen you’ll ever met, but also super knowledgeable in everything runwear. Holden and crew at Starbucks kill my drink every. single. time., and Melissa at Safeway doesn’t ever stop smiling or making guests feel good. We’re in a great community and we wouldn’t have it any other way!! 


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