Nova Store HIGHlight - Grande Prairie

Nova Store HIGHlight - Grande Prairie

Get to know your neighbourhood Nova with our Store HIGHlight series! With over 30 locations across Alberta, and our Queen Street West location in Toronto, no two Novas are exactly the same. Our stores are not just made up of the teams that operate them, but of the communities in which they operate and the customers that choose to shop with us. Next up, we're featuring our store in Grand Prairie!


What is something interesting about the neighborhood your store is in?

NC Grande Prairie: We are located in a large shopping centre. Stores around us include Walmart, Rona, Starbucks. We’re also right beside the only movie theatre in town.

What type of products are most popular?

NC Grande Prairie: Vapes! 20% of sales are vape cartridges and disposable vapes. They are even more popular than pre-rolls.

What makes the team at your store unique?

NC Grande Prairie: We have a small team, only 5 of us. 4 of us have been here since we opened over a year ago.


Most memorable team moment?

NC Grande Prairie: On the one-year anniversary of legalization, we had about 40 customers in the store. The whole team was very enthusiastic in telling customers about sale prices, giving out t-shirts, and taking orders - all with huge smiles on their faces. It was great to see everyone pull together and really rock a busy afternoon.

What strain best represents your store?

NC Grande Prairie: I think we’re a Pink Kush store. Everyone likes us, we appeal to all different kinds of people. Relaxing in the day and the evening. We have high standards and always striving to be better.


What music playlist(s) do you normally have playing in your store?

NC Grande Prairie: Every team member has a different fav so you never know what will be playing! The two most popular are the Arena and Feedback playlists.


What is the best neighborhood pizza place?

NC Grande Prairie: Maria says King of Donair but that’s because she’s from Nova Scotia and their donairs are unique! Best pizza in GP is Ramona’s.

Shoutout your neighbors!

NC Grande Prairie: Shout out to the team from the Rona yard who always let us know when they’re having a bake sale and bring extra cookies for us!

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