Nova Store HIGHlight - Grove Landing

Nova Store HIGHlight - Grove Landing

Get to know your neighbourhood Nova with our new Store HIGHlight series. With over 30 locations across Alberta, and our Queen Street West location in Toronto, no two Novas are exactly the same. Our stores are not just made up of the teams that operate them, but of the communities in which they operate and the customers that choose to shop with us. Next up, our Grove Landing store in Spruce Grove!

What's something interesting about NC Grove Landing's neighbourhood?

NC Grove Landing: We are located in a spot that makes us very easy to find and easy to access. We are in the heart of Spruce Grove, meaning we're surrounded by shopping areas and restaurants. That makes us an easy addition to your list of errands! Whether you're picking up groceries, going out for lunch with friends or driving through on your way to Jasper, we are in the perfect spot to help you get your stuff. Also, we got Reddit popular when we opened!

What type of products are most popular?

NC Grove Landing: We have a quite a mix here since we have such a mixed demographic. We love our customers because they are always asking about what’s new to try. We do sell a lot of pre-rolls and edibles/oils though. The pre-rolls provide a lot of convenience for our customers who can’t roll. With edibles, customers really like the long duration of the effect. Now, with the release of vaping products, we are seeing a rise in the sale of vape cartridges and disposable pens.

What makes the team at your store unique?

NC Grove Landing: One of the things that make our store unique is that we are one of the original 5 Nova stores that open on legalization day, Oct 17/2018. We got to be a part of history that day and it was exciting for us and our customers. I like to think we carry that same exciting energy in our store to this day. So when you come to Nova Grove Landing you can expect great customer service from people who are passionate about cannabis and about finding you the product that will ensure you have the best time!

Most memorable team moment?

NC Grove Landing: I would say two moments.             

#1 was hands down opening day. It was amazing time with amazing people.  The store was full of infectious laughter and excitement as everyone was making their first legal purchases. Customers were excited to shop and we were so excited to be budtenders!

#2 Would be the first legal 420 (April 20, 2019). The store was like a party! We had a DJ and people were so excited to legally celebrate a ritual we all had been doing for so long. It felt great to send people home with safe, clean products for them to celebrate with, along with the great deals we offered that day!

What strain best represents your store?

NC Grove Landing: Francos Lemon Cheese  - Bright, fruity, and cheesy!  It’s got an interesting profile and it has a super fun uplifting effect. As a team we are all a little fruity and cheesy, and are always up for having a good time!

What music playlist(s) do you normally have playing in your store?

NC Grove Landing: We like to have music that is pleasing for everyone. So we listen to The Arena, which includes all the music you love that you would hear at sporting events: A little bit of country, rock, pop, and the classics all mixed together! This list has a little something for everyone. Or, if store mood is more chill, we'll switch it up to alternative rock music. 

What is the best neighborhood pizza place?

NC Grove Landing: This is a loaded question. This question could create quite the debate amongst the staff. Important factors must be taken into account… crust? Cheese? Sauce? Toppings? Comparisons could go on for hours! We’ll just say that we are #blessed with many pizza places in Spruce Grove. Franchises and locally owned and operated places. I’m sure we won’t be the first to say, we’ve never met a pizza we didn’t like. All pizza is good pizza,  cause it will always be better than no pizza!

Shoutout your neighbors!

NC Grove Landing: We’d like to give a shout out to the seagulls who hang out in the A&W parking lot next door, for the entertainment they so selflessly supply on our breaks as they scream at the patrons attempting to enjoy their meals outside. The birds are seasoned fry stealers and are absolutely not shy about it.  One time, one somehow got a whole sandwich in a Ziploc bag. That was a good birdwatching day! Also, Pizza Hut, Sleep Country and A&W for their patience during legalization and for the continued busy days when the parking lot gets crowded. Great neighbours, great food and a great night's sleep - what else could you ask for?

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