NOVA Store HIGHlight - Off Whyte

NOVA Store HIGHlight - Off Whyte

Get to know your neighbourhood Nova with our new Store HIGHlight series. With over 30 locations across Alberta, and our Queen Street West location in Toronto, no two Novas are exactly the same. Our stores are not just made up of the teams that operate them, but of the communities in which they operate and the customers that choose to shop with us.

What's something interesting about NC Off Whyte's neighbourhood?

NC Off Whyte: Off Whyte has the privilege of being located in Edmonton’s hippest, most lively neighborhood. The energy that comes from this community is vibrant and alive, yet feels homey and familiar. We’re a lucky store in the sense that most of our customers are made up from local regulars that live, work, and play out here on Whyte.

What type of products are most popular?

NC Off Whyte: Pre-rolls, pre-rolls, pre-rolls! We pride ourselves in our large selection, and know we can always be your one stop shop for your night out at the bar, or your Saturday morning at one of Whyte’s many festivals.  


What makes Nova Cannabis Off Whyte's team unique?

NC Off Whyte: Here at Whyte, we are made up of many team members that were here on legalization day. These are team members that strove to be in the industry from day one, that bring a level of passion that I do not believe can be rivaled. Now that we’re 2 years in, I challenge anyone to find a staff more knowledgeable or more experienced than our superstars here at Off Whyte.

Most memorable team moment?

NC Off Whyte: Being a legacy store, this is truly the hardest question to answer. But I do like to think back to our early days, when stock days were the only day of the week we would have product. The line-ups out the door, the deli-style ticket systems to try and serve everyone, and the sheer work ethic that went into making those Thursdays run smoothly. On those days, our tills would have a line to the door from open to close, and if not for the teamwork our store showed, I don’t believe we ever would of maintained the excellent level of customer service that Off Whyte is known for today. Many of us think back to those wild Thursdays as a moment that really shaped and molded our team into store we have today.

What strain best represents your store?

NC Off Whyte: 7 Acres Jean Guy! There were many hurdles to jump to convince the consumer that this product was worthy of their time. The THC was under 20%, the 3.5g’s were over $50, and many people had never heard of the strain. Yet it was a product our team believed in. This became a pivotal product that we used to change opinions on THC levels. It was a brand we could all stand behind when we said it was one of our best in store. We were able to confidently preach Terpenes and Quality to our customers knowing that when the bottle was opened, our customers would be impressed. Now 7 Acres is a must-carry product at Whyte, and it has opened the door for so many of our customers to change the way the shop. Countless regulars now come in asking for our personal recommendations. Now they ask “What’s good?” instead of “What’s the highest THC?”

What music playlist(s) do you normally have playing in your store?

NC Off Whyte: Soul in the morning and hip hop at night! We’ve recently added Mo’Soul and RAPture to our playlist. We love playing something happy and upbeat for those early mornings, while playing something a bit more energetic for our nightly bar crowds coming in for pre-rolls. We consistently receive compliments on what we’re playing in store, so we just keep giving the people what they want!

What is the best neighborhood pizza place?

NC Off Whyte: The food game in our area is thick with good choices. I’m going to call it a tie between Royal Pizza’s Deep Dish for those nights you want to eat yourself into a coma, and Famoso’s unique thin crusts for a nice night out with the spouse. To be honest it’s always a challenge picking somewhere to eat on the strip.

Give your neighbours a shout out! 

NC Off Whyte: Huge shootouts to the teams at The Next Act, Foosh, Situation and Hudsons! These are all staple locations here on Whyte that we consider ourselves lucky to be friends with! From the team members that regularly shop with us, to the many customers they send our way, we wouldn’t be where we are now without these Whyte Ave powerhouses giving us their support. Whether you need a great local burger or beer, a place to watch the games or the opportunity to grab the hottest new sneakers, Whyte Ave has you always had you covered. Now you can add a great bag of weed to that shopping list!

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