Top 5 Reasons to Visit Red Deer

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Red Deer

The newest Nova Cannabis location opens today, August 6, in Red Deer, Alberta! Since we're new in town, we did a little research to get to know the neighbourhood. And now we're that much more excited to join the Red Deer community. Here are just 5 of the many reasons to make Red Deer your next vacation inspiration, or staycation destination. 

This list is intended for inspiration and future planning purposes. For the health and safety of our communities, it's still recommended that we stay home, physically distance, and always wear a mask when out in public. 

1. Kerry Wood Nature Centre, Gaetz Lakes Migratory Birds Sanctuary

On the south bank of the Red Deer River, you'll find the Kerry Wood Nature Centre, a year-round environmental education destination and the entrance to the Gaetz Lakes Migratory Bird Sanctuary. It also happens to be the hub of Red Deer's Waskasoo Park Trail System. 

Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary provides a 5-kilometre trail from which you can explore Alberta's oldest federal migratory bird sanctuary. Explore native plants and animals on 122 hectares of protected land without leaving Red Deer city limits! And if that's not enough, branch out further to explore the larger Waskasoo Park system, which has reclaimed the city core and transformed industrial areas into natural, tranquil spaces. 

2. The Great Trail (The TransCanada Trail)

The ever-growing Great Trail - or TransCanada Trail - is about 93% completed across the country. Urban Central Alberta communities like Red Deer are home to completed sections of The Great Trail, allowing you to explore your backyard while maintaining a connection, at least in principle, to the rest of Canada. And in times like these, a little connection goes a long way. 

Find Red Deer's TransCanada Trail marker at Bower Ponds and follow as it extends along the Red Deer River in each direction. Head to the northeast all the way through city limits and into Red Deer County to the Blindman River's pedestrian bridge, or follow it in the opposite direction from Bower Ponds to Great Chief Park, past the Golf & Country Club, over the Red Deer River pedestrian bridge, through Heritage Ranch, along the river, all the way to Piper Creek and beyond. 

3. The MAG (Red Deer Museum & Art Gallery)

At the Red Deer Museum & Art Gallery, meander through over 90,000 objects and artifacts. Admire the comprehensive collection of First Nations and Inuit Art, or visit the Library for reference and artifact books. History and contemporary art collide at The Mag - from their collections of over 15,000 clothing and textile items to military history to one-of-a-kind visual creations from Central Alberta's own local artists. 

4. The Ghost Collection Walking Tour

Did you know that there are ghosts scattered throughout downtown Red Deer? The Ghost Collection walking tour - just one of the many fun-for-the-whole-family walking tours Red Deer has to offer - takes you on a journey through the town's history as you visit 10 life-sized bronze 'ghosts.' You'll get to know the people that inspired these bronze figures as well as the ways in which these real people shaped the Red Deer we know today. 

5. Nova Cannabis Red Deer Village Mall

Nova Cannabis is new in town and thrilled to be here. Stop by and say hi. We're excited to get to know our neighbours and our new community. Whether you're flying high at the Gaetz Lakes Migratory Bird Sanctuary, hitting one of the many scenic trails during your summer staycation, or just passing through town, you'll want to swing by Nova Cannabis Red Deer Village Mall to stock up on supplies. And for a limited time, we're celebrating our Red Deer Grand Opening with a 30% off store-wide sale so that you can make the most of the summer heat with some smoking local deals. 

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