O What a Country

Canaca is Canadian, through and through. And it’s not just a reflection of where we are, it’s who we are. Genuine. Kind. Thoughtful. Welcoming. These are the qualities that come to mind when we think ‘Canadian’. And so these are the same qualities we’ve modelled ourselves after. At the end of the day we’re passionate about cannabis and the people we serve.

The Collection

Whole Flower

Canaca’s core whole flower collection provides a range for every need. Carefully crafted and packed with a Boveda humidity pack, Canaca fresh bud is hand-harvested and expertly grown in a sun-filled, high-tech greenhouse to provide a truly flavourful Canadian experience.


Conveniently pre-packed and rolled with 0.5 g of fresh Canaca whole flower, our pre-rolls deliver a range of THC potencies with a smooth burn. Available in Blend 14 and Blend 19.




Canaca’s vape products are made with industry-leading hardware and filled with 100% cannabis distillate. No added ingredients or flavours. Canaca vapes will always have a THC potency over 80% (that’s 400mg!) per product, available in 510 thread cartridges or all-in-one pens.


Canaca’s Northern Dew is a high-potency, top quality cannabis oil. Grown in a sun-filled greenhouse and extracted using an ethanol-CO2 method, Northern Dew carefully combines cannabis with coconut-based MCT oil ideal for oral ingestion. It has 25mg THC per ml and is packed with a dropper for measuring ease.



The Full Canaca Lineup